Beam Interactive

Beam Interactive is an award-winning experience design and digital marketing agency based in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S., with clients ranging from BMW's MINI to Converse and Fidelity.



The MINI team

I worked primarily with the MINI team (I'm second from the left) on the redesign of the MINI USA website following the major rebranding MINI underwent in 2015 alongside some extremely talented and helpful people. This project gave me the opportunity to expand my skillset and work in a live project with real deadlines. Seeing my work on a live website for the first time was simply delightful.


Learning on the job

Illuminus is an annual arts festival in the Boston area. It was part of Hubweek 2015, and the agency had helped them set up their website. I was assigned to manage their Squarespace-based CMS content. I worked on-site with the client team and helped them with their web content. It was overwhelming to begin with, because I hadn't even heard of Squarespace and CMS tools. And this project was a great opportunity to learn CMS on the job.

Sahil’s a fantastic, multi-skilled problem solver and thinker. Don’t let his quiet, incredibly polite demeanor fool you. Below the surface is a sharp mind, simmering with insights and effective solutions to many a design or UX challenge. His combo of hard work, design and UX skills would make him an asset to any company.
— Birch Norton, Partner & Executive Creative Director, Beam Interactive

* I reported directly to Birch, who mentored me throughout the internship.



The transatlantic journey

Hitherto, I had never traveled internationally on my own. The experience of making a transatlantic journey across foreign lands all by myself for the first time proved to be a learning experience.

Blending it in

In a globalized World that's getting ever more connected, the histories and nuances of different cultures have always intrigued me. And this journey was a great opportunity to experience and soak in the potpourri of different cultures that is America.