Limited utility of apps

There are multiple apps like Ford Owners, FordPass, Ford Remote, and Ford Social (U.S. website, no app) for different functions across different markets. While FordPass is a capable app available in limited markets, the other apps are severely limited in their utility.


Brand community disconnect

Ford is a performance-centered brand, and has a broad community of enthusiasts and owners. But there is no digital brand–user community platform in the Indian market, where the brand and users can communicate and interact.


No digital aftermarket store*

A lot of people personalize their cars, and want to add aftermarket accessories and add-ons. Most commonly people buy accessories at the time of purchase from dealers or from third party stores, but there is no direct digital or mobile aftermarket store from the brand in the Indian market.

* in the Indian market. serves the U.S. market.






Manage your cars remotely

A dedicated tab to scan all your Ford vehicles, where you can get vehicle data and prepare before leaving, or manage and schedule servicing and maintenance for each vehicle.


Community-driven troubleshooting

Just like in tech, many times the official guide and tips don't cut it, and the best way to troubleshoot an issue is to ask other users directly, and crowdsource answers to tricky situations.


Brand stories

A feed with the brand's events, community stories, vehicle tips, updates on what's coming, sneak peeks into upcoming cars, and more.

Nearby tab

A dedicated tab to locate Ford dealers, service centers and garages, and fuel stations nearby.

Aftermarket store

An aftermarket store tab for all the accessories, spares, maintenance tools, straight from Ford, in one place.



P.S. This is one of a series of fun concept projects I did when I was learning UX design. It might have some rough edges. More updates coming soon!