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Hey, I craft fluid digital experiences using design-thinking and a human-centered approach. I'm an autodidact who loves to read, explore new design tools, exchange ideas and collaborate across disciplines, and learn something new everyday. I'm currently exploring the role of cognitive psychology in interaction design, and how designers can play a role in designing tangible interfaces for emerging technologies like AI and mixed reality.

Here’s an assortment of my work, which includes an internship, a startup project, and some UX design projects that I initiated to solve some problems I encountered with digital products. Each project includes the problem(s) identified, a challenging step in the process, and how I solved the problem (the solution).


When you want to learn, finding good quality mentors and just the right content can be frustrating and time consuming. Everyone has a different speed, style, and need for learning. And being a curious autodidact myself, I faced this problem first-hand. So I set out to solve this problem with a bunch of my friends who shared the same problem and vision.

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Building a Better Facebook

The Facebook experience is broken. It's designed for addiction, it has  a "fake news" problem, feature creep, and major data and privacy blunders. Can we have a non-addictive, simpler Facebook experience which actually helps us connect with people and spend time well?

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Ford Connected

In this connected age, with 79% of Internet traffic coming from mobile, having a mobile-first strategy and building a digitally connected community is crucial, in a market like India, the 2nd largest Internet market globally.

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Reimagining Amazon: The Identity


Amazon is growing exponentially, and has become a global behemoth. But such a size and growth come with costs. The company's visual identity and sub-brands are very inconsistent and disjointed. A cohesive brand identity and a streamlined experience are key to maintaining the growth.

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Reimagining Amazon: The Platform

Amazon is the go-to platform to buy online. But the shopping experience leaves a lot to be desired. Here's how they can "build the Earth's most customer-centric" experience.

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Fixing Kindle


The Kindle platform has an amazing catalog of books, and the device has some handy features like X-Ray and Word Wise, which are great for learners. But the user experience is very unintuitive and confusing. This project was born when I got my first Kindle, and started documenting the problems with its interface.

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Crafting a Personal Brand

The story of how I crafted my personal brand and digital identity from the ground up, digging deep into my design practices and building a narrative around a human-centered process and constant change.

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I worked as an UX design intern for 5 months in 2015 at Beam Interactive, an interactive marketing agency in Boston, Massachusetts. Here's a summary of the experience. 



Making a Steaming Cup of Coffee (with Blender)

I like exploring new design tools and practices. And when I'm not working on projects or reading something, I do just that. Here's a side project I did in Blender while learning fluid simulation and sipping some coffee.

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